Community Outreach

ToHealth work with local authorities to provide health check services to their communities. By delivering health check programmes in the community, ToHealth supplement the health checks carried out through GP surgeries.

ToHealth has set the industry standard for the delivery of health check programmes, with local authorities commissioning more NHS health checks from ToHealth than any other provider. We have the capacity, scalability and experience to deliver health check services across England, supporting the NHS and Public Health England to achieve their targets and outcomes.

We offer a “One Stop Shop” for the provision of your health check programmes or can provide you with a solution to close gaps you may have within your health check service, including:

tickCommunity Outreach NHS Health Checks
tickTargeted NHS Health Checks
tickOur Software: The tools and technology to deliver your own NHS Health Checks

Community Outreach

We have the capacity and scalability to deliver community based health checks at multiple locations. In fact, since 2010, we have delivered over 50,000 health checks at over 1,500 events at multiple venues. Including:

tickCommunity Centres
tickLeisure Centres
tickDeprived housing estates
tickPlaces of worship
tickFootball stadiums

All of our services are fully customisable and tailored to you. We can deliver the exact service to fill any gaps you may currently have in your service provision.

We deliver successful outreach programmes by working closely and effectively with NHS partners, stakeholders and community leaders. Our highly experienced project teams will identify suitable times, opportunities and locations where we can set up a drop-in screening service to achieve the greatest success.

Targeted Outreach

ToHealth’s Targeted Outreach Service for NHS Health Checks focuses on reducing health inequalities by targeting disadvantaged communities and high risk patient groups. We have a wealth of experience in public health strategy to engage target groups and communities to engage with the NHS Health Check events.

We have a proven track record in successfully targeting “hard-to-reach” patient groups and disadvantaged communities, including:

tickEthnic groups
tickDisability groups
tickImmigrant/refugee groups
tickUnregistered patients


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