Health Surveillance

Waterloo Health Clinic helps organisations meet their statutory obligations to identify work related ill-health. We can perform periodic health checks on staff who work:

tickWith power tools
tickWith hazardous chemicals
tickIn noisy environments

health-surveillanceIn ensuring your compliance with health and safety legislation, employers are obliged to provide a safe working environment for their employees. In some businesses, it is not possible to eliminate or substitute a risk, personal protective equipment (PPE) is the next line of defence. Our Health surveillance service monitors the effectiveness of the PPE and any other engineering controls that are already in place.

Our health surveillance is bespoke for each organisation and tailored to the circumstances and risks of each role. There is no value to you or the employee in us monitoring a risk to which they are not exposed.

Summary reports and analysis will be provided to management to enable improvements to be made and to ensure compliance to legislative requirements. Where appropriate, we will assist with corrective remedies and adjustments to policy.

As you would expect, each individual will receive confidential feedback on the results of their health surveillance.

Our Health Surveillance service will ensure you are compliant with UK Health and Safety legislation and fulfil your duty to ensure your staff stay healthy.

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