Interactive Health & Wellbeing

mobile-iconToHealth provide an easy to use trackable solution which enables you to create tailored training programmes for your employees post having a Health Assessment. Employees can engage with the service 365 days a year with 24/7 access. Programmes can be accessed via a web portal or via your smartphone.

The all-in-one corporate wellness solution is design to boost employee wellness and productivity. During the intake process, body measurements are made and saved in the system, allowing you to track overall wellness.

By using the nutrition software, a balanced diet can be created that will have a positive influence on your employees’ bodies and minds, which in turn will result in increased productivity. Through the corporate community, employees will be able to motivate each other to work out together, increasing the general health of your company.

Included Features

tickExercise Plans tickNutrition Plans tickOnline Coaching
tickMobile Apps tick3000 3D animated exercise plans tickClub Community
tickScheduling and booking tickActivity monitor with wearable integration tickChallenges

Interdepartment Challenges

ToHealth provide a platform which allows you to set up tailored health and wellbeing challenges to suit your specific wellbeing programmes. A goal properly set is halfway reached. The technology to make setting and achieving goals easier through gamification. The challenge system can be used to set both individual and group goals.

When your employees know what they are working towards, they will be more likely to stay happy and loyal. And happy employees will spread the word for you. So engage your employees better and boost retention and acquisition while you’re at it.

tickCreate a social hub
tickCreate separate departmental groups
tickOrganize group challenges
tickOver 250+ badges to earn
tickGreat engagement for employees to work as a team

Set Goals

Let your employees set their own goals, or leave it up to the coaches. With dozens of challenge types, from body metrics to performance, the options are endless.

Group Challenges

Have employees work towards common goals to create a community feeling which increases retention rates. And if intrinsic motivation isn’t enough, some friendly competition between employees might do the trick!


Your top-performing employees will get eternal fame when your other employees see them shine at the top of your leaderboards.


By reaching goals and completing challenges, employees will automatically be rewarded with virtual rewards. Of course, you can decide to reward them with physical rewards as well.

Social Sharing

After reaching a goal or completing a challenge, your employees can share their results on Facebook and Twitter.

Integration with Activity Trackers

Create challenges that leverage the integration with wearables, like “10,000 steps a day” challenges.

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