Why prevention is better than cure when it comes to employee health

Taking care of your workforce isn’t just about offering them a decent salary – today’s businesses must think far more holistically to improve their teams’ productivity, morale and health.

As the old adage goes… prevention is better than cure. And it’s a mantra that employers should be adopting if they want to cut down on sickness absenteeism in the workplace and maintain a healthy workforce.
Health and lifestyle offerings such as gym memberships, cycle to work initiatives, stop smoking schemes and healthier canteen food will only go some way to creating a healthier company.
This whitepaper looks at how a health screen can provide a business with the tools it needs to more effectively maintain a healthy workforce and boost both morale and productivity.

ToHealth’s research, carried out by YouGov in October 2014 found:

  • Half of the people we surveyed thought their employer had a responsibility for maintaining their health and well being.
  • Three in 10 didn’t believe their employer cared about it and consequently about them
  • 45% agreed a free annual health check was important

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